Husband, Father, Innovator, Founder, Community Leader & Activist

Danial Petrie has hosted many events in the Rockford area that range from feeding the homeless, raising awareness around violence to providing safe summer activities for parents and kids in public housing to only name a few.  Out of his own broken past came The Fatherhood Encouragement Project in 2015. What started with three dads quickly grew to over 70 fathers and expanded to add The Motherhood Encouragement Project and the newly formed Gen Y Encouragement Project. The foundation of biblical principles mixed with affirmation and Dan’s heart for serving the city has spread like an epidemic and quickly gained national attention. With many opportunities to expand the program to a national level on the horizon Danial released his first book, The Power of YOU Are, this past February and earned the title Amazon best seller.

The passion that pieces all of Dan’s gifts and services together is him being a father. His heart is to see the city of Rockford revived as a community of united families. was born of this heart for the city his hope is that all dads can find resource here!

Organizations Behind

“The Rockford Housing Authority has long valued and supported the role of fathers in the lives of their children. The partnership with The Fatherhood Encouragement Project and The website builds on this support to connect dads, kids and families to new opportunities.”

Ron Clewer, Former CEO of Rockford Housing Authority

“We would like to participate in because we believe in it’s core values. We believe behind every successful child is a parent/parents that go above and beyond in raising their children. We love everything about FEP and what their goals are. We are excited to be part of something so meaningful and can’t wait to meet more families by offering a discount on their website.”

Andy Roiniotis, Owner (District Bar & Grill, Onyx, and RBI Bar & Grill)